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Upcoming Auditions

Giants Fall Theatre Co. is currently seeking eager applicants for the Spring 2021 Touring Season!

Seeking one (1) actress to play the roles of Lucy, the Snow Queen, a wolf, and more. Religious background or belief not required.

  • Auditions are being held in-person following social distancing guidelines November 2nd-3rd.*

  • Performances will be based around your availability, but you must be free for some Sunday morning and Wednesday evening performances. 

  • Other outside contracts will be allowed provided you still have some availability. 

  • Flexibility is key as performances may be booked with two or three weeks advance notice.

  • Pay: $200/performance, with additional income opportunities available.

  • Come prepared to move.

*If you are unavailable to audition on those dates but are still interested please let us know by contacting Each auditionee will be scheduled for 30min. blocks of time. Note: not all of that time will be used for the audition, but it allows for the room to be sanitized in-between each performer.

Upcoming Auditions: Performances
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