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COVID-19 Regulations

While it is a bummer we can't perform theatre the way we usually do, it does not mean we can't have theatre at all! Read below to see how Giants Fall is keeping you, your audience, and your family safe.

  • Performers will be wearing masks from the moment we arrive at the performance location to the beginning of the performance, and masks will go back on from the end of the performance to the moment we leave your venue. 

  • While masks will not be worn by the actors during the performance, we require the audience to remain 10 feet away from the actors at all times. 

  • Audience members will be required to wear masks at all times, unless health concerns restrict them from doing so. Actors will do their best to keep an eye on any young audience members and will politely remind them during the show to put their masks back on if deemed necessary. 

  • The performance space will be sanitized by the actors at the end of the show, and audience members will be asked to leave first before the actors begin packing up and departing.

  • All costumes and prop pieces are washed and/or sanitized inbetween each performance.

We thank you for honoring social distancing guidelines as our performers do the same for you.

COVID-19 Regulations: News & Updates
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